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TajMahal Day Tour 2021


TajMahal day tour is the amazing tour that begins from Delhi. For first time visitor in India, this tour package is the best. The tourist enjoy the amazing side of India in this tour package. TajMahal day tour from Delhi has an amazingly vibrant culture and tradition. This tour package comprises the fantastic and enchanting forts and monuments of Delhi and Agra. The TajMahal day tour from Delhi is simply a magical tour, and there is no surprise in this thing. The TajMahal day tour offers one of the remarkable cultural experiences in India. Along with this, a visit to some fantastic UNESCO world heritage sites, Forts and monuments, and historic buildings. 

Without a stop at the iconic TajMahal in Agra, no trip to India is complete. There are many tour package in India, but the TajMahal day tour package is one of the perfect tour packages which start from Delhi. This tour package is perfect for those who want only a day trip to the TajMahal. TajMahal day tour has an astonishing vibrant culture and tradition. During this day tour trip from Delhi to Agra, get an up-close look at the history and the landmarks of the Mughal Empire. 


TajMahal Day Tour From Delhi

This tour package includes fabulous and splendid forts and monuments, amazing UNESCO world heritage sites. The TajMahal day tour from Delhi is simply a magical tour, and there is no amazement in this thing. The TajMahal day tour provides one of the astounding cultural experiences in India. This fantastic tour begins with the amazing and alluring city of Delhi. It will take around 4 hours to visit the TajMahal via road.

While reaching Agra, you will enjoy the beauty of mesmerizing TajMahal. The TajMahal is considered one of the most wonderful buildings in the World and one of India's most renowned landmarks. The TajMahal comes under one of the seven wonders in the World. This amazing building is the symbol of love established by Shah Jahan in the memory of her lovingly wife, Mumtaz. 

This magnificent monument was established in the 17th century with pure white marble, and the entire structure is decorated with carvings of inlay of expensive flowers and stone. Every year the huge number of tourists visit to explore the beauty of this fabulous monument. This monument has the enchanting interior and exterior and declared as the UNESCO World Heritage Site. This wonderful monument is spread over 42 acres of land area. The construction of this building started in the year 1631 and took 17 years to complete.

TajMahal was constructed with pure white marble, and the building is decorated with carvings of inlay of valuable stone and flowers. This building has the wonderful interior and exterior and declared as the UNESCO World Heritage Site. The TajMahal is open regular from sunrise to sunset. The early sunrise view and the enchanting sunset view of the TajMahal are worth watching. In TajMahal, the sun forms a wonderful reflection upon the building's white marble. TajMahal is one of the famous destinations for photography, and the must be visiting tourist place in North India. 

Along with the beautiful building of the TajMahal, there is one more thing to visit in Agra that is Agra Fort. The Agra Fort is one of the other major tourist attraction in Agra. After visiting the amazing tourist's attraction in Agra, there is also fantastic markets for shopping.



Saturday, 22 May 2021

Golden Triangle India Tour package with Noble House Tours

India, as the country is no small of an affair, well, the trick is to pick few closely knitted places and visit them one by one. The golden triangle india tour package will take you towards the trip in which you will marvel at the ancient architecture and beauty of New Delhi, Agra, and Jaipur. These packages are crafted in such a manner that people of every age group can relish them. Golden Triangle Indian itinerary, also known as the Delhi-Jaipur-Agra tour, is the most famous and enjoyable tour in North India.

 Tours in India are a great way to discover more about this breathtaking country. If you are enthusiastic to comprehend India’s most iconic scenes, such as the Taj Mahal and Red Fort, A golden triangle, the India tour package is perfect. Choosing for golden triangle packages is the perfect way to relish the popular destinations of three cities. You will be able to cover several renowned tourist attractions, that too, without any trouble. From enjoying the local to indulging in the culture and rich history, these packages will ensure that not a single experience is left behind, and you relish the best vacation of your life. 


The golden triangle tour is a classic foundation to the rich history and culture, of India, especially for first-time visitors. The golden triangle tour is no uncertainty one of the popular visitor circuits in India that gives an excellent opportunity to wonder at the glory, beauty, and lively culture. Moreover, the expert representatives of Noble House Tours will assist you in planning a perfect itinerary that will leave you mesmerized with pleasurable memories for a lifetime. 


What is the Golden Triangle Itinerary?


The Golden Triangle India Itinerary grants you a once-in-a-lifetime experience. This tour will offer you a brief introduction to Indian history along with the best immersion of Indian culture. The world-class tour comprises sightseeing, shopping, heritage stay, and other delightful moments. The trio of iconic cities proffers a glance at ancient history, heritage, and thrilling experiences. Find uncountable joys, appreciate beautiful design specimens, and create impressive memories. 


Delhi is the first destination of your Golden triangle tours in India. Delhi is the hub of leisure travelers and visitors, which comes for business motives also. Some attraction spots in Delhi are Red Fort, Qutub Minar, India Gate, Chandni Chowk, and many more. 


Agra is the second and most wonderful destination of your Golden Triangle package. Agra’s loveliness is one of the most famed constructions Taj Mahal which is the seventh wonder in the world. Instead of Taj Mahal, Agra Fort, Fatehpur Sikri, Buland Darwaza are also the most wonderful destinations for tourist attractions.


And the Jaipur is the last and third place of golden triangle tour packages in India. Jaipur is also known as the Pink city, and it is the heritage of India. In Jaipur, visitors can experience traditional culture and get to know the lifestyle of Rajasthan. The most renowned places are Hawa Mahal, Amer Fort, Jantar-Mantar, City Palace, and many more places to visit and make your journey memorable. 


Are you planning to travel to India? But the vastness of the country and tiring itineraries is turning you off; the unique Golden triangle tour packages from Noble House Tours do not make your holiday amusing and exhilarating. However, they offer you an opportunity to experience the truly breathtaking art culture and heritage of India. 


Noble House Tours with several splendid destinations of India such as Varanasi, Khajuraho, Mumbai, Ranthambore Tiger Safari. Then still, what are you thinking? Set forth on any Golden triangle tour and nearby destinations packages and enjoy a rich holiday experience in India. 


Wednesday, 24 March 2021

 Buddhist Tour of India:-Get on to the

Buddhist Tour of India
with us to experience different pilgrimage cities in India. This spiritual tour will take you to the journey of the footsteps of Gautama Buddha.

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Monday, 8 April 2019

India is a land full of beautiful landscapes, hills and mountains, rivers, and valleys.
With the almighty sun shining on our heads at its full might, what a better escape than to get relieved from the heat of summers! Thank god, India has innumerable destinations to escape & find some relief.
There are a number of tourist attractions that steal everyone’s heart. Be it, local people or outsiders. Most of the people generally prefer to visit the hill stations because of scorching-blistering heat in the months of April-July.
Here we are describing some of the best summer destinations in India which are popularly traveled by the people throughout the globe.

1. Ladakh

Another tourist destination that comfortably makes its way in the best summer destinations of India is none other than Ooty.

Wednesday, 2 January 2019

Some interesting fact about Amer Fort! It is an old fort, built in 1592 by Raja Man Singh. Also, it is popularly known as the Amer Palace. The Amer Fort was built in red sandstone and marble. The Maratha Lake adds a certain charm to the entire Fort.

Amer Fort is the best tourist attraction of Jaipur and the sprawling complex combines both immense fortifications with unexpected beauty and charm. The fort which visitors are able to explore today dates from the 16th century and is situated on a natural ridge 11km north of Jaipur.
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Tuesday, 1 January 2019

Experience the most wonderful festival of Ladakh city which is going to be organized in Sep.2019.

The festival is celebrated in Leh Ladakh every year with an inauguration ceremony on a very large scale. It remains for a week with celebrations on all the 7 days in various villages. The festival starts with a long procession where the spotlight is thrown on several cultural troupes and village groups which include local leaders, school kids, and dancers. They perform dance on the tunes played by an orchestra. The celebration of Leh Ladakh Festival includes masked dances, archery, polo, cultural dance by the villagers. Troupes from different regions of Leh are processed which travels through the Leh market.